3 Things to do During Slow Season

The oh so dreaded slow season of January through March...or maybe not so dreaded if you're burnt out from busy season haha! You know, that awkward time between the holidays and spring sessions where let's be honest...NO ONE really wants or needs photos done. If this is your first time experiencing slow season, this too shall pass. This slow time of year for photographers can and should be expected EVERY YEAR. (Especially if you're living somewhere that experiences a true winter.) While I know that slow season can feel and sometimes be a not so great time, I am here to tell you there are some AMAZING things about it.

Today, I'm going to give you the top 3 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW to take slow season by the reigns and get a jump start on your year!

#1 Update your Website

Slow season is the BEST time to go on over to the back side of your website and branding and make sure that your message is clear and concise for attracting your ideal clients. Go through your website and update any travel schedules, testimonials, portfolio images you may want to show case, write some blog posts, etc.

#2 Social Media Marketing

Remember back in busy season when you didn't even have time to sit down and write a quality caption out for your images? NOW is the time to sit down and schedule out tonssss of social media posts across all of your platforms. I'm talkin' schedule as many out as you can so that when things pick back up, you won't even have to think twice about going ghost on your platforms.

#3 Cleanup the Backend of Your Business

I know there's something you've been thinking, "I would really love to implement that for my clients but I just don't have the time." Or maybe you've been desperately needing to update your contracts, email responses, or packages? Is it time to re-run your cost of doing business? Slow season is the PERFECT time to really hone in on the backend of your business and make sure that everything is in order for your clients to have the best possible experience!

I hope these tips helped you see that slow season is not always a bad thing, it can truly be a blessing to be able to get all of these not so small tasks done that you otherwise wouldn't have had the time for.

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