What should you be including on your website?

Are you just starting your photography business (or maybe just beginning to take it serious) and you’re thinking about creating your photography business website? This guide is for you!! I wish I had someone tell me these things when I first started my own business, so here I am to tell you everything I have learned!

Why should you even care about your photography website? It is literally your store front. If you have no website, I am sorry to say but you just do not look like a professional compared to others who have put effort and thought into their website that gets their brand across perfectly. I can bet you that if someone is comparing you between another photographer and they have a website and you are just relying on your Instagram profile to get booked…kiss that inquiry goodbye 9 time out of 10. I’m just being blunt and trying to get the point across that your website is IMPORTANT!

Tip number one:

First thing, get your brand kit together! You want to have a few logo options you love, your favorite fonts, some branding photos of yourself, along with your brand colors! This will seriously make it so much easier for you to create your website if you do this step first! When I was creating my brand kit, I loved to scroll Pinterest and save photos that inspired me and then I drew my fonts and colors from that inspiration board!

Tip number two:

You want your potential clients who are visiting your website for the very first time to know that you are speaking DIRECTLY to them! On the other hand, you want your brand to show through so that those potential clients who browse your website who may not be the right fit…know that you aren’t for them! How do you do this on your photography website? Create a section at the very top that tells them WHO you are and WHO you serve!

Tip number three:

Include REVIEWS! The best thing you can have for your business is third party validation. It’s so true that when you have others reviews of your services it just makes you seem more credible and trusting! I would suggest that you include reviews on every page of your website! They can be short and sprinkled in on some pages here and there but I would include your best review on the very front page of your website.

Tip number four:

My biggest tip is that you want to set expectations for your relationship with your potential client straight from the beginning! I have an entire section on my experience tab of my website that goes through the exact process of what it looks like to work with me! I never want someone to be confused of what my process looks like so this really sets you up for success before they even inquire!! Go above and beyond before you even chat with each other.

Tip number five: I saved the best tip for last. You NEED a button to “book you” on every single page of your website. I have them everywhere on my website and that is super strategic. If someone is visiting my website, they are interested in booking with me. I want it to be very clear and most importantly…EASY for them to get in contact with me! So, including your “book me” tab on the top of your website, please please please include them on each page of your website where you see fit!

I have soooo many other tips for you when designing your photography website! These 5 tips are the best to get you started and I highly recommend coming back to this blog post when you’re designing your website OR if you have a website currently go do an audit and see if you’ve included all of these things.

Should I do a part two with even more tips?! Follow me on instagram here and let’s connect! If you are looking for someone to be your photography business bestie, my mentorship services are officially launching April of 2024. I can’t wait to help you all even more with your photography business and share everything I’ve learned in the last almost 7 years.

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