How to beat busy season burnout

As a photographer the busy season can be both exciting and taxing. It's easy to get caught up in the demands, deadlines, and the endless to-do list of the season. To continue serving not only your clients to the best of your ability but also yourself, it's crucial to take action to prevent burnout BEFORE it happens.

  • Prioritize Self-Care & YOUR Weekends:

We are all aware that majority of clients request weekend dates for their sessions. While understandable, we photographers also DESERVE weekends off to spend with our family and friends as well. It can be extremely tempting in the moment to book up all of your weekends leaving none for yourself. DO NOT DO THIS. I repeat, don't do it. Just like any other job, you should also be able to have time off to yourself. Take regular breaks, maintain your lifestyle and don't allow other things you would usually do for yourself fall onto the back burner. Disconnecting from work and taking part in your hobbies and other things that bring you joy or relaxation are a MUST to recharge your creative batteries.

  • Maintain Boundaries:

Setting boundaries within yourself and your business are crucial year round but especially during busy season. Managing client expectations and your workload is key. Clearly communicate your availability (and don't stray from it) and turnaround time up front. While it is super important to provide your clients with an excellent experience, its equally important to establish a work-life balance. Don't over-commit yourself and ensure that your workload remains manageable throughout the season.

  • Plan a Creative Session or Two JUST FOR YOU!

This might come as as surprise that I would suggest this during busy season however, creative sessions that keep your portfolio exciting seriously work as a recharge to get excited about your business again. Rediscover your passion and inspiration by planning a styled session just for you and your personal portfolio. When you're constantly shooting for clients, it's easy to lose sight of why you fell in love with photography and just go through the motions of shooting with someone else's vision in mind. Planning a creative session allows you to reconnect with your creativity and explore new ideas which in turn trickle down into your client's session leaving them with new techniques, ideas, and spark in their own images!

Busy season burnout is a real concern for photographers every year, but it doesn't have to be. By implementing these 3 tips, you can overcome the challenges and make the most out of your busy season without overdoing it so that you can continue capturing beautiful moments for your clients year after year.

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