What makes RDP different?

Have you ever had a photographer show up to your session and not guide you on how to pose?

My hand’s up with you. 🙋🏼‍♀️

How about had a lack of conversation leaving the session feeling shallow and awkward?

Yeah girl, me too….

Yes, even as a photographer myself, I have experienced these things when hiring other photographers to take mine and my husband's photos.

Here’s the thing, I believe taking pictures to capture you and your favorite people should be FUN and a memory in itself to look back on! 👏🏼

Not so much like a transaction..

When you work with me, I am here to guide you every step of the way and assist in truly creating real and raw moments. 🤌🏼

I get to know you and your story in order for it to be told through breathtaking images. 🎞️ Assist in all of your planning down to something as simple as “which earrings should I wear?”

And of course, give you movement prompts and poses down to where to place your hand to never leave you feeling awkward or unsure. 😉 Just for fun I'll share a couple of super secret prompts I may use during your session to evoke the REAL moments, "Okay lets have you guys play ring around the rosy!" "I want you to run up and give a BIG bear hug and attack with kisses!" and so much more prompts just like these to bring out everyone's individual personality through your images.

This approach is what will light your session up and create that magical experience you’ve been CRAVING. 🪄

I am NOW accepting limited California clients who are ready to jump in the ocean with your kids or doggos, roll in the sand, hike mountains, or even just get cozied up at a coffee shop. 🌊

Lets capture TRUE moments.

Ready to work with me?