3 Ways to Market Your Photography Business in a New Place

Moving your business to a new city or country can be both exciting and challenging. I am NO stranger to moving my business every few years being that my husband is in the military. Just like your house, as soon as you feel like your decor is in a good place (clientele flow in photography's case,) it's time to pick up and move again.

With every move, I have been able to quickly find success in gaining new clientele and booking sessions before I even arrive to my new home. No, I am not "just lucky," I put in the work to forward market my business months before a move in order to set me up for success and avoid slow months caused by a move.

Today, I'm going to be giving you 3 of my top secrets to forward marketing your business. (Seriously, I should be charging for this one!!)

  • Leverage Social Media:

It's 2023 and if you don't have social media for your business, you must be living under a rock haha! Social media is easily the most powerful tool you have to marketing yourself and your business. Begin creating engaging content building up hype for things such as when you'll announce your move, where you'll be moving, and begin marketing 3-6 months in advance to that area and clientele SPECIFICALLY.

Follow local businesses for where you'll be moving on social media and connect with them, follow people you come across in the local area to begin getting your name on people's radar. This not only allows you to build up a little bit of a community from that area on your social media but it is also going to give you a good shot at getting bookings before you even arrive.

  • Optimize Your Website

Make sure that your website is up to date, visually appealing, reflects your current style and message, and implement local SEO strategies to increase your visibility within search results. This is a great time to reflect on your current business branding and do a complete overhaul if you decide it's necessary to give you a boost in your new area.

  • Host a Model Call at Local Locations

One of the most difficult things with forward marketing is having images to market out to your new area when you do not have images that look like where it is you're moving to. For me, top priority once I've arrived in my new location ,aside from settling in of course, is to find a couple of couples or families (whoever you choose) to model for me at one of the local locations. Although you should've been marketing to the area for months by this point, it is a great idea to get shooting and exploring the area as soon as possible! Shooting at locations in the area will not only help generate interest from potential clients but it will also allow you to get comfortable and familiar with these spots before taking paid clients.

Remember, transitioning your business (of any kind) to a new place takes time, effort, and consistency. Be patient, continue making your presence known, and stay proactive in your marketing. By following these three tips, you can successfully forward market your business to anywhere in the world.

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